Products I Love!

Aspaeris Compression Shorts-Increase recovery time on those legs!

Mountain Kahkis-Functional outdoor apparel for everyday wear or treks into the backcountry.

Ellsworth-Bikes that perform and last.

Zeal Optics-They fit small faces and the lens change with the light. I own three pair. ‘Nuff said.

Mizuno Running Shoes-My preferred brand for running the streets. Specifically the Wave Nirvana size 7.

11’s Wear-Fun sunglasses for a day out with friends. (Review Here)

Smartwool-A local Colorado company with socks and socks and clothing made from moisture wicking wool. Great to layer up for skiing, hiking, or jogging.(Review Here)

TrekSta-A Utah company that makes sole forming shoes. Comfortable, agile, and all around great trail shoes for hiking and running. (Review Here)

Salewa-Not for the faint of heart, this mountaineering company supplies the goods needed for your next adventure in the backcountry. Boots, shoes, tents, and apparel, they have it all. (Review Here)

Coolibar-This company makes sun protective clothing for the whole family. A great addition for anyone who finds themselves outdoors often. (Review Here)

Jackal Cycles. A boutique bike company that builds bike by experienced riders for experienced riders. Their K-9 hardtail 29er is an incredibly durable, nimble, bike and all at an affordable price. (Review Here)


Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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