Running is my backup plan

I love running. But, I also love doing other activities and I always feel the need to reserve running for the days I can’t mountain bike because it rained or I can’t ski because the snow is scarce or no one is going on the river or there isn’t a great class at the gym or when I have a packed day, and I can fit in a run for a quick good workout. Seriously I love running.  I just don’t always make time for it.

Running for me is my backup plan. Unless I have a big race that requires packing in the miles. I don’t have a race plan except for “Huffing for Stuffing” on Thanksgiving morning in Bozeman. But, I feel the urge for a bigger race on the horizon. I would love for a marathon or half marathon next Spring. However, after checking all calendars I am SOL, especially for races in Montana.

In the meantime, I am keeping this Thanksgiving 10k as my plan. I am the one who has organized our team, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turkeys” and I feel the need to live up to the title of “Race Organizer”. The last two Sundays I have put in runs over 7 miles. Today I even hit 9. My pace is “eh.” If I made time for some speed work in the middle of the week, it would probably help. I just enjoy the long slow miles.

I smiled today running those 9 miles. I really do love running. I just love hiking, biking, skiing, camping, rafting, fishing, and the gym a teensy bit more.

What’s your backup plan for exercise?

What’s your first love for exercise?

Any races on the horizon?



Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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