Floating the river-Montana stylee

Moving to a new place always requires a transition phase. Finding your way around town, getting settled, paper work (hello DMV today). Despite the inevitable uncomfortableness of not having a routine, I have my brother nearby and I moved in with one of his besties, which means instafriends—at least for now.

It’s been hot here and with hot weather, only one thing sounds good—water. We headed out early Saturday morning for the Missouri. At 8:30 we were just two boats, fishing and floating along while trying to find the exact fly that the fish were biting.(I swear I had every country song going through my head at some point during the day).

photo (21)

By 11:00 we had it dialed in. By “we”, I mean the boys had it dialed in.


We trolled along and met up with about 6 other various floatation devices—rafts, kayaks (some inflatable some whitewater) and continued to float down the river. The next 5 hours went about something like this:




Dunk in the river and cool off


At some point in there, I gave up trying to fish.

photo (22)

My MO for the day.

We somehow managed to skirt around a thunderstorm later in the afternoon. The clouds were dark and boomers struck loudly with lightning too close for comfort. We hugged the shore looking for trees if safety truly became an issue, but lucky for us it moved behind as we forged forward in the river.

Of course the day was not complete without a bar-b-que with my new-found friends. By then I was beat. The sun and the water just seem to suck it out of you. Needless to say it was a rest day for me. I planned it well. There was hardly any leg movement besides treading some water to pee and pulling the boat onto the trailer at the end of the day. Ya, I’d say it was a great day.

Favorite BBQ recipe or food? We’ve been barbecuing a lot here, and I need some ideas for new stuff. Maybe we should have a barbeque recipe link up?

Crazy stuck in a thunderstorm story? The closest I came was mountain biking up a backside to a mountain. The entire mountain side of the mountain had been burned in a lightning storm a  few years earlier and shelter was scarce. I managed to find a single pine tree to lean under for a bit. Then it turned to hail and I still had to bike down some now wet technical terrain. Sketchy.



Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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