How to unintentionally run 10 miles

I set out for a run with two things in mind today: run by a cute house that I saw for sale and try to see more of my new town by foot. I managed to check these two items off the list and then some. The house I wanted to run by was only about .5 miles away from my current house. (Adorable from the outside, but only 2 bedroom and 1 bath, I’d like at least 2 baths). I ran another mile until I hit downtown and decided to loop around back to the house.

Well, the loop brought me up a hill then up and over another hill then up one more and then down a hill. I hit a part of town called “Reeder’s Village” which is on the National Register of Historic Places for containing the homesteads of the first settlers to Helena in search of gold and other minerals (I read the sign on the side of the road). What they found was a lot of limestone, which there are piles a plenty of still around. I kept running up the canyon enjoying the views when I hit a trailhead parking lot.

I stopped and looked at the map and realized that I could get to my house if I went up this trailhead and down the other side. By this time I was at 4.5 miles. I ran/hiked up the mountain and took a left when I came to a fork without any signs. I realized when I made a very large loop back to the original trailhead that I should have gone right at the sign. SSSOOO….I hiked (entirely this time-no running) back up the mountain and took a right at the fork and made my way back home after a wopping 10 miles.

So, I haven’t run (or hiked, or walked) double digit miles in a very very long time. But, I managed today. My legs are certainly tired, yet not sore, which I think is a good sign.

Anyone go further than they intended by accident?

Do you ever get worried about getting lost in new places?

 I wasn’t worried about making it home, but bringing some water with would have been nice.



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