Hiking my first 14er

My Facebook status 2 days ago went something like this: “pop pin’ my 14er cherry!” I’m currently in Salt Lake City for my annual Ap reading.My usual crew of teachers from the.likes of Michigan, Georgia and other flat lands like Pennsylvania asked me what a 14er was that I was referenced in my post.In Colorado hiking a 14er, or 14,000 foot mountain, is a right of passage for most. And apparently I wasn’t the only one losing my virginity on the mountain that day-it was like the Disneyland of the Rockies.

Anyway, I left Laramie for good on Friday. Although bittersweet, I am ready to move on to the next adventure. My brother-in-law (did I ever mention how cool it is to have an in law like this) is doing the Tough Mudder next weekend and wanted to get a training hike in And asked me a few weeks back if I was interested. I couldn’t think of a better way to say goodbye to the lower Rockies. He invited a few of hid buddies and come 6 am Saturday morning we were off to the trailhead of Mount Bierdstadt, just outside of Georgetown.


By 7 we were hiking, trying to keep a solid pace while separating ourselves from the masses. We reached the summit by 11, just in time for what seemed like an entire fraternity to reach it as we’ll.Just our luck that as we tried to take pictures they were bragging about how they were drinking beer on Bierstadt. Rather obnoxious if you ask me.

Me and my 14er buddies

Me and my 14er buddies

We took the snowfield down which was easier to slide and reached the car in an hour and a half. After lunch and a celebratory beer I was sufficiently wiped.My goal was to keep enough of a pace that my legs ached. They did.It felt great.

I waited to enjoy my beer at a lower altitude.It just seemed smarter

I waited to enjoy my beer at a lower altitude.It just seemed smarter

Sunday morning it was on the next adventure-grading AP government exams in Salt Lakes.I’ve already convinced the group of flat landers to do some hikes here, so stayed tuned.I’m pretty sure they won’t be taking frat boy pictures at the top.Then again….

Ever hiked a 14e


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