Just simply living

The title says it all. And this picture.

photo (6)

As I loaded up my bike and my dog after my ride today and changed out of my chamois into some jeans and a t-shirt, I realized  that I’ve got all I need in my car right now. One week ago the movers took an entire van of stuff. What stuff? I couldn’t tell you really. Well, ok, the big stuff like my couch, Grandma’s dining room set and rocking chair, a whole kitchen, ect. But, right now all I need is in my car, on my roof and attached to my hitch. It’s freeing. Completely freeing.

We accumulate so much baggage in our lives. Often times we speak of baggage in the figurative sense, but for once I address it in the literal sense of “stuff”. Accumulating “stuff”.

I stopped by my local watering hole on the way home from today’s ride to grab a bite to eat. Nothing appetized me on the menu. After about 2 weeks of eating out and on the road, I’m not only carbed out, but have had enough of this particular brewery’s food. Then I saw their special of cod, wild rice and veggies done in some fancy butter and chardonnay reduction and baked in parchment paper. Add a glass of Pinot grigio and I was sold. Talk about a relaxing meal that satiated me—figuratively and literally.

The manager/bartender, who knows me well, asked what I planned this summer. Um, nothing. Seriously, nothing. Right now I don’t have a house that needs vacuuming  groceries to be shopped and put away, or anyone to answer to. Did I mention this is freeing?

Times like these in life do not come around often. After spinning the wheels of life for the last few months and not having caught my breath, I feel as if the cogs now fit in place and I breathe easily all day.

Did I also mention how 3 bike rides in one week are without the week being over? No? Well, it’s awesome.



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