National Running Day and a video….of me on a run

Happy Hump Day! I’m excited because it means today is my last day of lecturing as my first experience as a professor (did you follow that?). It’s been a great experience and I love being in my own classroom again, but I feel a bit burnt out and I know that the students are feeling the same. 3 hours of Political Science 5 days a week—I bet even you are yawning.

Not only is today hump day, but it’s also National Running Day. In my transition from college student (again) back to professional (again), I’ve had to upgrade some things in my life. Like a new car, new bike racks (I went with the hitch rack and trays and LOVE IT!) and a new phone (I dropped my old school phone while mountain biking the other day). Watch out– this hippy is coming out of the dark ages! Which means I can now do cool things for you on my first ever smart phone. For instance, making a video of me trail running at 5:30 am on National Running Day. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to go out and run today or read about running or watch someone else running! Just celebrate being healthy and able to move—that’s what it’s all about.


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