Setting the reset button

I’ve spent the last week hurried between teaching at the University, moving, buying a new car, and praying for my sick Grandma back home on Hospice care. It hasn’t been fun—ask my Dad who has taken the brunt of my pity parties. The move culminated yesterday with a nasty back and forth between my landlord and I over the deposit. It was not pretty—nor what I was anticipating given the amount of time, energy and resources I had given to cleaning it.

I’m now spending a week house sitting at a friends’ and I couldn’t be more thankful for a cozy house to call home for the week. Today was the first meal that included green vegetables in over a week. My body was craving something other than take out, ramen or Annie’s.

After driving down to Fort Collins to get my factory racks installed and pick up the rooftop carrier, I found myself seduced into a 2 hour nap. It was glorious! When I woke up I realized I needed some fresh air and Mikaya and I headed up to Happy Jack.

The minute I turned onto Old Happy Jack Road and headed towards the Pole Creek parking lot, I knew I had made the right decision, despite how tired and groggy I felt from the nap. Just like the lack of vegetables in my diet this week, there has been a lack of exercise. The trails were dried and smelled of damp, wooded pine. The stream was running in full blast. We started out running, but I stopped to walk at parts just to enjoy it all. It was like I pushed the reset button on my soul. I remembered who I was and where I was going. The 4.5 miles flew by and quite honestly I felt like I could keep going, but it was getting late and I didn’t want Ky injured.


Last night when I went to bed, I was still crying and thinking about how I have this bold new exciting future ahead of me, but I couldn’t see past the cloud of events and depression that the week had bestowed upon me. Running the trails brought about the clarity that I needed. I am assuming it did the same for Mikaya who has felt the stress of this move as well. But, she’s a trooper and I am so happy that I have her to keep me company.

ImageNothing feels better on the soul than a walk, hike or run in the woods. Except maybe if you were biking, which I have a sneaking suspicion may be on the agenda tomorrow after I grade exams and essays.

How do you cope with stress?


6 responses to “Setting the reset button

  1. The best thing we can do for ourselves when we are stressed is to take a time out. I find the biggest sign of needing a break is when we say, “But I don’t have time!” Good for you for taking the time to treat yourself well. I hope it helps bring a better sense of balance during this stressful time.

  2. Stress is evil. It makes me want to curl up in a ball and ignore the outside world. I get super tired and just want to sleep. Going for a run is usually the cure, although often it is difficult for me to get out and do it. But usually I feel a lot better afterwards.

    • I seemed to have gotten into that pattern of doing nothing and could have easily stayed home from that run yesterday. Glad I got the blood flowing-once I did it felt great!

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