A new car and moving up

In between moving and a new teaching position, I decided to take a break and head down to the Front Range of Colorado. It took my mind off of the move almost entirely, save for the fact that I bought a new car. Yes, a new car-brand new off the lot. First time ever. I must be a grown up now or something.


Of course it is 4 days before the movers come for everything that can’t come with me in my car. My new car (Subaru Forester) is smaller than my old SUV (Ford Escape) and I am missing some bike racks that I sold at our yard sale and my cargo carrier that is waiting for cross bars before use (which I made them add as part of my trade in). In the meantime, I told myself that a new car would come with a a hitch bike rack because I am so over putting my mountain bikes on top of the car. So, yes I made an insanely high financial purchase considering the instability in my life, but a necessary one at that and I did it 4 days before moving. Yikes!


I thought that I was practicing simplifying my life by having a yard sale that netted us $1000. That’s a lot of money for a yard sale, so you can only imagine how much we got rid of. Now I am asking myself, how much do I really need to take with me to live unexpectedly for three weeks?

Besides being completely overwhelmed, I did manage to spend ample quality time with my Mom and niece. We went out to dinner, read books on the porch (some of us graded tests and essays), played with the hose, went horseback riding, and played at the park (ask her-a total of 5 times). I managed to fit in a mountain bike ride during nap time and a trail run with the dog on my way home today. Needless to say, it totally recharged me.


Anyone have a preference for bike racks or can’t live without them? I managed to get dirt on the interior roof of my new car trying to get my bike in today. I’m thinking that they are necessary if I want to keep it looking new.

Do you get attached to cars? I was sad for a minute trading in my Escape. I had it for 7 years and put 130,000 miles on it. But, out with the old and in with the new. It’s a new adventure and a new car to go with it!


6 responses to “A new car and moving up

  1. Yay for a Forester! 😀 I bought mine last December when I outgrew my tiny Nissan Sentra. I use roof racks still – luckily my bikes don’t weigh much! I still find myself putting a bike inside a lot of the time, though. Especially my road bike when I commute up to work… just a wee bit too windy for me to feel comfortable! And I definitely get attached to cars… hence why I still own all 3 of the cars I’ve bought :/

  2. Hey! I was just over at Heather’s blog and saw you were moving to Montana.. WELCOME! There aren’t many bloggers in Montana especially running ones, so it is nice to know another, although I live outside of Billings so I won’t really be close to you, but we are in the same state! Hope your move goes smooth amd you love the Big Sky State..I do 🙂

    • Hi Christy! I read and follow your blog and have been wondering for a while where you are. Hopefully we can meet up at a race in the future! My brother lives in Missoula.

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