…And I am back in the running game

Yesterday I posted about how I am not ready to marathon train. Today I did the first run in my training plan:

6 miles:

2 mile warm up (slow, hurting, tight heavy legs)

2 mile short tempo (awesome, rocked it, went faster than I thought)

2 mile cool down (it’s really hard to go slow-hurts your legs after going fast

Regardless, I rocked it. I love running training again! I am still scared for those long runs, but just following a plan felt good again. I came home and immediately googled “helena races” and up came a trail race series and a 15 mile trail run. I am sssooo tempted to sign up. Except I’ve got this thing called a move coming that is costing me buko $$$, so I can’t think about signing up for races—yet.

I did email my brother, who lives in Montana and asked him if he wanted to do this race with me. It’s only $30, for 15 miles on the backcountry forest service trails. Oh so tempting.

Anyway, back to my run. It rocked. I nailed my suggested paces. In fact, I came under in a few, but ssshhh, more than anything I just need some confidence boosting in my running.

How is your running and training coming?

Any fun races you are signed up for? I am signed up for the Georgetown to Idaho Springs half marathon, Top of Utah Marathon. Now I am not sure if I can make it to either. Good thing they are super cheap. I am now contemplating the Bozeman Marathon and the Elkhorn 25k and the local Helena running series. I need some mountain bike races in here.


3 responses to “…And I am back in the running game

  1. Great job, keep at it! I would recommend some high intensity interval training to change things up here and there to further help you cardio. I wrote a post on this specifically and have a fantastic infographic for it as well

  2. $30 for a 15 mile trail race on backcountry forest service trails?! That’s amazing!
    I have a few exciting races planned this year – SF 2nd Half Marathon, Skirt N’ Dirt 25K (all womens trail race), and the Marine Corp Marathon. There will probably be some cheaper trail and community races interspersed.

    Good luck with your training!

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