What marathon training?

While walking the dogs last night, this was our conversation:

Me: “I was suppose to start marathon training today—I ran 4.5 aimless miles.”

JWail: Laughs

Me: “What’s so funny”

JWail: “Just the way you said it, doesn’t sound like you want to train.”

He’s got a point. I’m “eh” about training. My priorities seem to lie elsewhere these days. He moves in a week to Alaska, taking Griz with him and our separation begins. I pack up my truck two weeks from today and two days later the movers come. I then proceed to live out of a suitcase for two and a half weeks while finishing up work and travelling for more work. Things are tenuous and precarious and stressful.

Just the other day at graduate I asked a friend how his half marathon was going. He said with the thesis to complete it wasn’t going. It was his first half marathon and he struggled to find time and focus with other large happenings in his life taking place.

I get it.


I’m still working out 6 days a week. Yesterday in addition to my 4.5 mile run I got in a 15 mile mountain bike ride. Which is also a marathon training problem—it’s the summer and I want to hike and bike too. Not just run crazy long hot miles on the pavement, but adventures on the trails and in the mountains. But, the focus that marathon training takes requires more.

Sporting my YMX jersey on a beautiful warm afternoon.

Sporting my YMX jersey on a beautiful warm afternoon.

I took the first step last night. I broke out my “Run Less Run Faster” training plan. I looked up my target paces and wrote them down on a sticky note. And guess what?! I got excited. I thought, “wow running a prescribed run like this could be fun and easy.” In a lot of ways it would add structure to my life which seems lacking as I uproot myself in moving and starting anew.

So, marathon training. Will it happen? I don’t know how good the long runs will be. But, my mind is starting to get in the game and that’s a start.

Ever have a slow start to training?

How do you get motivated?

Anyone else have the issue of doing too many sports?


3 responses to “What marathon training?

  1. I usually am excited about starting something, it’s the execution I struggle with. As soon as it becomes routine and no longer new, I lose interest and it becomes a chore.

    I find I have to schedule my long runs with a group to hold myself accountable. Otherwise it’s hard for me to do it all alone. And you can’t fake a marathon. A half, maybe. But not a full.

  2. I’m so slow to start training! This whole spring I’ve been a complete slacker. I’m doing the Laramie Enduro, and still really haven’t mountain biked over 25 miles… I’m a hot mess!

    • No worries…you’ve still got plenty of time to ride. Most people I know that endurance mountain bike race do the miles on their road bikes. Hard to do with the trails mucked up this time of year. You will do great!

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