Finally a winner

It’s been almost 3 years since I won a race and that was running. It’s been closer to 6 years since I won a mountain bike race and that was the first race I ever did. Well, last night those statistics changed as I came home a winner from the local short track mountain bike race.

Granted it was a Tuesday night grassroots race, with no race plates, official timing and there were only 4 women (and none of the really fast women). However, I still had to pay $5 and I beat all the women and some of the men, so I will take it as a “W” and continue to pat myself on the back.

So glad I wore my @ymxwear long sleeve hoody as it rained off and on and the wind was cold

So glad I wore my @ymxwear long sleeve hoody as it rained off and on and the wind was cold

I spent most of yesterday waffling about this race. I did a hard, lead leg filled 6 mile run in the morning and just felt sluggish. When I came home and checked facebook I saw that they were running this series again and were late getting the word out. It’s hard to say no to these races as you can ride your bike from home and pay $5 and still be home by 7 to eat. Not to mention it is always a good time at these races and a good way to compare yourself competitively as the same people (and new ones) show up for them every year. The girl I went head for head against last season was there last night and she commented at the end about how she couldn’t believe how fast I was.


I blame it on the bike. My new bike is effortless. I am still learning how to maneuver a 29er and things like the shifting and the remote lockout front fork, but man once you get cruising that thing is a steamroller.

JWail didn’t race, but he did come to cheer me on with the dogs. Short track races are more of a spectator sport in that you race as hard as you can around a 1 mile track for 30-40 minutes (last night I did 38 minutes and 6 laps). Every time I passed JWail and the dogs, Mikaya went crazy trying to chase me.


I thought about catching a ride home with JWail as it was starting to rain and was cold, but I figured my legs needed an easy pedaling and it definitely helped to cool down. I don’t cool down enough after races and my lungs and legs pay for it.

I still made it to the gym this morning for an easy 30 minutes on the elliptical and some legs and core. As expected, my legs and lungs were a bit trashed. Short track is a suffer fest.

Anyone do a last minute race and come out successful?

Do your dogs go crazy at races? Only Mikaya and only when I go by. She doesn’t really care about the other racers.



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