Running skirts—love them or hate them?

So, I love to run in shorts—either inside or when the weather is nice enough outside. When running skirts first came out a few years back, I noticed them for bikers and I thought, “really? this is what they need to do to get women to bike?” I thought it was a fad. Then I saw runners wearing them—good, fast, persistent runners. I still stuck with my shorts. Mostly because I am not a fast runner. But, also because I am a bit self-conscious.

See, I definitely fit into the category of “fit bottomed girl.” I can’t deny the weight that I hold in the hips, butt, and thighs and quite frankly I don’t want to draw any more attention to that area.

I love skirts—for hiking. Skirts for hiking are great. They give you far more freedom to take giant steps up at a steep incline. And, well they are cute when you are getting dirty out on the trails. Shouldn’t it be the same for running.

I received my first running skirt through my YMX ambassadorship. I love it—it’s a beautiful print, the same silky lightweight material that wicks sweat as all their other clothing. And oh so comfortable when I try it on. But, I don’t feel beautiful in it. I feel large. (Seriously, if this isn’t a girl’s only post, I don’t know what is). I really like the skirt, but the minute I pick up the pace to anything faster than a walk I feel like I am drawing attention to myself.

It’s not the YMX skirt that I’m not digging-this is awesome. It’s wearing any skirt to run in.

To be fair, I think that the skirt is a bit large. I got it in a medium, but here’s where you come in—should they be a bit on the form fitting snug side? I feel like this is a lot of material.

To also be fair, I haven’t made it past the front of my house in this skirt. Perhaps with a bit more persuasion I can become more confident in wearing something that is suppose to be girly when working out.

Running skirts—love them or hate them? Why? So, I just put the skirt on and asked my fashionista, JWail what he thought while I ran around the house. The verdict—he said cute, but I need a smaller size. So, maybe that is my whole problem.


10 responses to “Running skirts—love them or hate them?

  1. I don’t see myself getting into running skirts anytime soon, but I think they look fine on others. Whatever makes you feel more comfortable! (Which this skirt doesn’t seem to be doing for you.)

  2. I have never got a skirt type thing – I want to try the YMX but not sure if I will like & maybe it will be more just to go out & about in.. I need to try one on here at home first & see how I like the feel.. Definitely not for me for my weight workouts. 😉 Thx for the feedback!

  3. I have a few running skirts and a couple of cycling skirts. I too am a rather fit bottomed girl and I kind of like the loose fit of a skirt. Since you said that about there being “a lot of material” I wonder if maybe it isn’t too big? You shouldn’t be swimming in it.

  4. Love running skirts! But, depending on body type, hard to find the right fit. I have ONE that I can actually run in after trying out MANY different brands. I’ll be curious to see what happens if you try another size in YMX.

  5. I used to love running skirts. I didn’t wear anything else. I still love them for runs when I need to look cute afterward. I like my shorts better now that I run in “real” running shorts with built in briefs. So I wear both!

    But I also agree if the skirts are too big they are annoying and distracting. I had one that was too big and the fabric flopping around bothered me a lot. Then some are too short and tight. It’s a fine line, some brands just fit me better than others.

    Good luck!

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