Why I am still working out despite everything

Hey lovies, I know I have been MIA, but the adventures have been slim. At this time last year I was two weeks away from running the Sugarloaf Marathon and hitting up the last short track mountain bike race of the season. This year? I mountain biked once last week and once today. No races, no training, no adventures. I blame it on the weather and other changing adventures in my life. Not to say that I’m still not putting in 6 days a week, they just don’t have the same kind of purpose.


Super chilly and windy outside, but still made it 20 miles on the dirt. And yes, my helmet visor is crooked and I am that dorky.

Sporting my YMX jersey on a beautiful warm afternoon.

Sporting my YMX jersey on a beautiful warm afternoon.

Now that I’ve wrapped up my master’s degree, I’m a bit in limbo. JWail has taken a job in Alaska and I in Montana, so we are spending time cleaning, sorting and packing the house. I am teaching a summer course at the University starting in two weeks and putting that together. In between it snows and rains and the wind blows. So, I’ve been doing my best to at least make it to the gym.

Why I am still making time to workout when life is throwing me a few stress balls of change?

1. Keeping up the with Jones’. I am moving to a new place this summer with plenty of mountain biking, skiing and trail running. I would like to join a few groups and be able to keep up. No one wants to be the out of shape newb.

2. I sleep better. I have a lot of lists running through my head. What to pack in the truck, what to put on the moving truck, what utilities to change, ect. If I work out, I put those anxieties aside and sleep peacefully.

3. Sort things out. Yesterday I tried to put the cargo rack on my truck. I haven’t used it since a cross country trip about 7 years ago. First, I couldn’t find the key to a locked rack and remembered that in cleaning out my nightstand the day before I had come across a roof rack key and not knowing what it was I threw it in the trash. I went out to the alley and dug through the garbage to successfully find it. I then opened the box, to find a broken piece. After spending two hours trying to fix it yesterday, I figured out the answer to my problem today while out on the trails—just order a replacement piece and be done with it. Problem solved. I swear I solve bigger problems while biking and running.

4. It’s time away from the house. Things are stressful, I need a change of scenery. ‘Nuff said.

5. Take advantage of short bursts of high energy. I run faster and bike harder with all the energy I have to burn from anxiety. I am taking advantage of this in case any last minute races come up. I also signed up for a marathon in September, so there’s that.

So, there you have it. My life in a nutshell these days and why I am still chipping away at working out, despite the stress and the weather.

Do you work out more when stressed? Yes. I battle some wicked anxiety, so two a days can be normal.

Are you and organized mover? For the most part yes. Given the enormity of this move, I have never been more organized. It feels good. Maybe it’s a control thing.


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