Celebrating small victories—crow pose

My Mom signed up for a new yoga studio and has been attending regularly, with incredibly great results and benefits. Two weeks ago I set my mat down next to her and after an hour I understood why—it burned!

I returned this Saturday to share another practice with her. This in and of itself was incredibly enjoyable and I appreciated it immensely, especially with the pending life changes I have coming up.

The instructor started with a parable about her daughter and the story ended with the moral that “our expectations of outcomes create suffering. Life is difficult and painful, but we do not have to suffer.” I loved it!

She then told us that we would work our way into Crow today and that we should not have any expectations for the outcome. If we were being graded on our thoughts I would have failed right then because I thought to myself, “I would love to get into crow today.”

You see, I have never been able to and it’s been frustrating. It’s been the one pose in yoga that I have tried time and time again and never gotten, while everyone else around me has. I wanted it on Saturday. Of course, that meant not practicing the intention of the class.


Thankfully our instructor was fabulous. She gave great cues it made it our class more than her class as she walked around and corrected our posture. She realigned my hips and elongated our spines. Then it was time to work our way into crow. We started with our feet on block and she demonstrated it for us, noting that we should “lift our pelvis and kidneys.” This cue created a visual for me and as I went into it, I rose up and balanced on crow. My dear sweet Mom was next me and clapped. (I am sure the class was grateful for the break in solace). Regardless, it deserved clapping. I was grinning. I kicked the block away and got into it sans block just to prove that it wasn’t first time luck.

So, small victories. I am still carrying that moment with me today. Through the stress, decision making and everyday life, I have a small ray of sunshine. I loved even more that my Mom was next to me to witness it. We headed off from yoga to breakfast and a few antique shops and art stores—a glorious Saturday indeed.



What small victories have you had lately? Please share!  Other small victories—well, this is probably a big one, but I got a job!

Anything fun and exciting happen this weekend?


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