Be a helper—A reflection on the Boston Marathon

Like most, I was saddened by what happened in Boston yesterday. It was gut wrenching for me. Each time I have crossed the finish line of a marathon I have cried. Marathons leave me physically and emotionally wrecked. I cannot fathom crossing a line—whether it was at the very moment that the explosion happened, hours before or while still on the course—and experiencing that.

Marathons are celebrations. Celebrations of our health, perseverance, goal setting, and physical ability. They are celebrations of community building and often times charity fundraising. The excitement of a marathon is positive, up lifting and motivating.

I saw this on FB and thought that it summed it up nicely:

I am sure many of you have seen it. My aim is to not make such a tragedy about me, but yet I want to explain how this has affected me. I’ve been in the throes of wrapping up one milestone of my life and making a decision on where to go next—back to teaching or into an entirely different career arena.

Mr. Roger’s and this tragedy struck a chord with me. Focus on the positive. Focus on what we can do to help. Focus on how we can give back and help those who need it. What happens if we can help the one person who needs it most. Pay it forward. If I pay it forward to a person, then perhaps that person will then pay it forward. Aurora, Newtown, Boston—all inspired me to leave this world a better, more loving, more accepting place than I’ve witnessed.

Despite the few people that cast a shadow on yesterday’s tragedy, there were millions more helping, caring and forming solidarity to support those who need it most. Focus on the positive—like Fred said, the helpers— and in the meantime become focus on becoming a helper myself.


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