Heay! Where have you I been? Oh you know, getting my life in order—defending my thesis (and passing), interviewing for jobs, catching up on getting ready to move. You know, NBD.

So, workouts have been there-barely. I am building a base for marathon training-sorta. I seem quite comfortable with the 4-5 mile range. In fact, I am running those miles a minute to a minute and half faster than my average a year ago! If I had to blame getting more miles in on something I would say it is the weather.

Ya, except the high was 25 without the wind!

Case in point: Last Saturday I woke up at my Mom’s on the Front Range and it was a balmy 65 with no wind. I set out and conquered 7 miles at an 8 min 30 sec pace. It was glorious. My legs felt wobbly at the end, I had sweat pouring down my face.

Fast forward to this Saturday. I planned to up last week’s 7 to 8, maybe 9. I got out there early before the wind looked terrible. I hit the first 2 miles in 9:00/miles. Then I turned a corner. I knew it was too good to be true. I had had a tailwind the first 2 miles, now I had a 50-60 mph headwead. Say what?! No joke, it was blowing me sideways and backwards. I could hardly breathe. I hit a crossroads and decided that running wasn’t fun and headed home at 5.5 miles. Again, my comfort number.

Nope. Pretty sure I will not miss the wind when I leave Laramie.

In between hellaciously high winds, it’s been snowing and raining. The rest of the week shows this weather everyday. Seriously, Mom Nature?! I want to be mountain biking and running in shorts. It’s the middle of April for cryckies.

In the meantime, here’s what last week’s workouts looked like:

Saturday: 7 mile run

Sunday: A really hard yoga class with my Mom

Monday: 4 mile trail run with the dogs

Tuesday: 30 minutes upper body weights/30 minutes elliptical

Wednesday: 5 mile run-1 mile warm up, 5×400 w/120 second rest, 2×800 with 90 sec rest, cool down

Thursday: 30 minutes lower body weigh/30 minutes treadclimber

Friday: 3 mile run/walk with the dogs

Saturday: 5.5 mile windy run

Today: I gave up and walked the dogs and called it good. The windchill was -15.

So, what’s on deck for this week-more running, even if it means the treadmill. I really need a better base than 15 mile weeks. I also need the endorphin rush to make me feel better about this weather.

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

Do you keep running through the wind, rain and snow or call it quits at a certain point? Come on here, I need some inspiration.


2 responses to “MIA

  1. We have spring! Finally! Running in t-shirt and capris, eating dinner outside…. It’s perfect!
    (until a week ago, when it rained, it snowed….)

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