My love(hate) affair with running

Oh wait, you didn’t know I ran? You only thought I rode bikes and skied, alternating between the two seasons. While, I do run year round. Sometimes I run harder, longer and more often than other times of the year. Usually when I have a race or two on the schedule. Oh wait, I do have a race (or two on the schedule).


So, starts my love affair with running. For months…. Actually lets make it a whole 11 months (since I ran the Sugarloaf marathon one year ago May) I have ran not caring if my Garmin is charged, I’m wearing a watch, how far I am going or if I go a a week or two without running.

But, I have GTIS half in August and Top of Utah full in September.NBD.

I haven’t put together a training plan yet, but I have started easing myself into the running mentality of actually caring.

Take today for example. I wanted to wake up early and run because I have a jammed pack day. I charged my Garmin last night (1 point for me) and took off hitting the pavement at the glorious hour of 6:15.

But, I felt terrible. I couldn’t keep pace, my legs were heavy and my stomach was growling. I realized that I had eaten only soup and salad for dinner and unintentionally skipped lunch yesterday. You see, when I do morning runs, I really have to eat more carb heavy the night before otherwise I wake up with no energy. That was this morning. And my run sucked.

Here starts a new season of running that involves careful execution and planning to ensure that each run I love, not hate.


6 responses to “My love(hate) affair with running

    • It was beautiful and awesome. I grew up in the area so it was fun to be back and have my Dad watch my run a marathon. The 15k is mostly all gradually downhill. They didn’t close the road, so that was a pain. Otherwise, an overall great race. And plan your food ahead of time because its really rural and only one restaurant in the area.

      • oh man awesome tip about the food!!! Thanks soooo much. Good to here that the race is great. sucks about the road, since I’m prone to close calls with cars 😦 I’ll just be really careful!

  1. I’m in the “run without a garmin” phase right now. Nothing on the calendar til next December for me. I definitely have a love hate relationship with running, and usually when I’m trying to get back into training mode, it’s mostly a hate relationships. If I didn’t have a job or worked from home, I’d prefer running in the morning, but I hate how rushed I end up feeling getting ready for work and how incessantly hungry I am the rest of the morning, despite eating snacks practically every hour.

    • Yes-The morning hunger is a pain. I never know how to curb it. I’ve been doing protein shakes immediately upon return and it seems to help.

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