Mountain biking, trail running, and food

We headed down to the Front Range on Friday for some clear, calm spring weather and family time. It didn’t disappoint in any of these areas. After some big news Friday afternoon, JWail and I wanted to take advantage of the weekend together by going mountain biking.



We did a short 8 mile loop up Coyote Ridge and down the backside to Blue Sky and came back around. Surprisingly my legs held up great on the climbs. I am still getting used to being on a 29in bike (love my Jackyl) (and speaking of which I have a great mountain bike for sale if anyone is interested) and climbing steep technical terrain requires a bit more energy to keep the wheels spinning.

I really got to try out my YMX Yellowman hooded long sleeve while on this bike ride. It was about 55-60 degrees and the first 4 miles were climbing uphill, meaning that I was sweating pretty good. Like, sweat dripping down my helmet into my eyeballs good. But, coming back down was breezy. The shirt really did keep me cool on the way up and wicked the sweat well enough that I did not feel cold coming back down. Plus it was so lightweight. I’m seriously loving it.

Coming down with @WearYMX on.

Coming down with @WearYMX on.

Sunday morning was Seester trail time. We went back to Coyote ridge and jogged the 4.3 miles up and down in about an hour and 10 minutes which is really great time especially considering she is 4 months prego! Um, can you say rockstar!

Seester time.

Seester time.


We spent the rest of the day eating good food and playing princess, park and egg hunts. Yes, we only have one child in the family and she had multiple eggs hunts. The first was left by the easter bunny when she woke up, then she wanted to play hide the eggs again which we did and then she had the big hunt after her nap in the afternoon.


Princess egg hunt

Princess egg hunt

Does your family go crazy with Easter? It’s like another Christmas in these parts



Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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