Spring workout!

Call it sibling rivalry, however today I beat my bro! A for effort on Big Bro’s part, but he just didn’t have what it took for this workout. Just kidding (sorta). In his defense, he beat  me up the ski mountain the last few days and had me huffin on the bike.

Instead of mountain biking or skiing in the afternoons like the past few days, we headed down to his weight bench in the basement. Here’s what we I came up with.

Spring workout


Time to get those muscles in shape for the summer time. Both of us were pretty wiped by the end. As you can see we took the burpees out of the last two rotations since we were tired by then. I added in some simple dead lifts and forward row since I had extra energy left. Not to brag or anything. 😉

Do you love friendly competition? 

What sibling rivalries do you have?



3 responses to “Spring workout!

  1. Sibling rivalry is why I did so well in piano — trying to do better than my three-years-older brother. Hahaha. Now I’m compete with Kevin when we workout haha

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