Day 2 in the Montana Backcountry

While finishing up some writing this morning, I kept looking outside to the west and seeing a deep, thick cloud cover. I knew it was snowing, but I didn’t realize it had snowed a foot since we had been up to Lolo pass yesterday.

Surprise pow day!


Money Shot Monday!

We skinned up for about an hour and took a mellow run down a bowl. Then put those skins back up and skinned right back up the mountain for more freshies. We didn’t see a soul out there and the dogs were delighted.


Breakfast of ski champions. Refueling with cinnamon bears.

With the new foot of snow on top of yesterday’s accumulation which was on top of old melted crusty stuff, avalanche danger was a bit high. So, we kept it mellow on this one little bowl. At least I thought it was mellow going down. Skinning up it was super steep and quite the trudge. I knew after our second run down it that I probably didn’t have it in me to go up again.

KyKy getting the goods today.

KyKy getting the goods today.

Round trip took us about 3 hours. We came home and I chopped up some fresh veggies for a soup and took it to the couch for the rest of the evening. Two days in a row of backcountry skiing has me wiped. Tomorrow is looking like another day with another round of snow as it has not stopped dumping!

PS…I’ll have a video up soon as we were pretending that we were in a ski movie today and kept taking videos.


Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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