I can see the light

There’s light up ahead and it’s not a freight train-thank god!

Yes, today is the day that I hand in the whole shebang. One and half years of research, 130 pages of writing. Ok, 132 pages of writing because I am having some major writer’s block in wrapping up the conclusion. I’ve taken everything apart, put it all back together, made sense of it and now you want me to rehash it, what?

JWail told me last night that I was being dramatic. My response, “Have you ever written 130 pages on a highly controversial topic?” So, what I’m dramatic. If I wasn’t, I’d be boring.

Anyway, the dogs woke up at 5:30 to eat and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I kept thinking about the damn conclusion. Also, something beeped in the house that I had never heard before. JWail didn’t know what it was either.Then I had an epiphany. I got up, banged out one more paragraph and decided that certainly a run would get the rest of this out of me and on to the screen.

I ran and came back with one more paragraph to bang out (baby steps people, baby steps). I checked my phone. That beeping I heard at 5:30 when getting up with the dogs-my phone telling me that there is a blizzard warning.

WHAT?! NO?! I have very important people coming this weekend to ski, snowshoe, drink beer, go flea marketing, eat copious amounts of food and drink beer. Pretty much to celebrate.


Just chillin with my favorite girls-oh and Michael Franti. NBD.


All of these folks are coming up. But, we are doing the winter versions of this.

Please snow stay away!

That is all. Happy Weekend!


8 responses to “I can see the light

  1. Good luck on your writing. Been there, done that. PHysical breaks are the best thing you can do–pump more oxygen into that brain!
    What are you writing? I’ve been off-blog-reading detail lately due to my writing/reading. . . my apologies.

  2. Congrats on finishing up your thesis! What a journey… it will be so satisfying to finally hand it in! Cute farm pics- we were just at the rodeo in Houston tonight, so I did a double take thinking you were nearby… 🙂

  3. CONGRATS ON YOUR THESIS! I totally remember how flipping ecstatic I was to be done with that thing– it feels like a literal weight has been lifted from your shoulders 🙂

  4. Dang, I’m so impressed by you. Congrats on your hard earned thesis! You are a BAMF. This is a huge milestone and accomplishment in your life, and you deserve to celebrate hardcore. Did you and your friends/fam get out to the mtns ok? When is the defense?

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