Food is stressing me out

A lot of things are stressing me out and causing anxiety at this very moment. A thesis, finding a job (let me know if you know of any), moving, the future, ect. ect. However, food should not be one of them, but it is. I almost had a meltdown in the grocery store the other day.

I would say that on the healthy eating spectrum I fall way to the high end. I’m not just talking eating my fruits and vegetables. I’m talking reading labels, cutting out preservatives (I’m looking at you Sabra hummus) and hidden things like cornstarch in greek yogurt or food colorings.


Fresh green beans from the garden. Blanched, frozen and enjoyed fresh all winter.


Homemade pureed pumpkin-no canned stuff in this house.

But, I’m human. My weakeness-potato chips-undoubtedly. Specifically kettle cooked or Boulder chips.

Regardless, healthy, wholesome, organic food is a staple in this house.

We could do better of course. I’ve always thought that I could skip the cheese or yogurt. JWail has taken it upon himself to try to go dairy free for a month. Couple that with my Soulsista on the challenge for life, I am feeling a bit of pressure to do the same.

However, my challenge is caloric intake. When I run 7 miles and weight lift like I did yesterday, I burn closer to the end of 900 calories. How do I make up those up when I don’t eat meat and too much gluten or wheat products? There is only so much fruit, veggies and legumes.

Truth be told, these last few days of burning the midnight candle, I’ve been turning to sugar. Like apple pie (sugar free my ass), cereal, honey, bars. It’s terrible. It’s party stress of craving sugar, but it’s part needing calories too. Plain yogurt or a slice of cheese with almonds holds off my hunger.

It’s a lifestyle change, I get it. And I didn’t build my eating habits overnight either. However, it takes time to meal plan, think ahead, and put together nutrient, calorie filled food that won’t leave me hungry later.

So, in response to my post of reblogging JWail’s post, that is why I can’t go strictly vegan right now. I’m not sure that there is a reason for me to. I can certainly cut down on dairy. However, I have signed up for another marathon and the calories needed may not add up with my other dietary restrictions. What I have been doing has been working-why change?

Anyone else get stressed out by diet or foods or what to eat or what not to eat?

What’s your food weakness? Besides potato chips? The happy hour menu, which I will be happily indulging in promptly at 4:00 this Friday after I turn in my thesis and just in time for my family to hit the Wyoming border. Anyone want to join me? (Mom, I know, you already signed up).



13 responses to “Food is stressing me out

  1. Excited for you that you’re almost done with your thesis!! Chips and french fries are my weaknesses. I feel like I run out of things to eat quickly when I’m trying to eat super clean as well.

  2. Yes, food can stress me out…and I’m terrible because I can go off course SO EASILY, it’s pathetic how weak I can be! My worst food weakness would be sweets of any kind really, maybe esp. ice cream (which is why at least that I rarely have in the house). If you’re interested, I make a DELICIOUS vegan cheese sauce that is full of veggies and takes as good as Velveta (uses red-skinned potato, carrots, oninions, cashews, and some seasonings – I found it on The Peaceful Kitchen’s blog and have been making it for probably close to 2 years now or so an it’s the best…don’t know how it compares calorie wise for you to regular cheese, but just thought maybe you’d like that option)


  3. When I was in the same position with the thesis and the job-finding anxiety, I was also pregnant. I defended my thesis 6 weeks after having my baby. So I was stressed and hungry! Oreo cookies were my weakness, but I’d have a pint of raspberries with them, feeling like I balanced things out. I’ve been reading about balance in Sara Avant’s “The Way of the Happy Woman.” I’ll share a bit for you, “In the short term, sometimes we do need to put some things on the back burner for the sake of a larger purpose. True balance is about being a warrioress when it comes to what matters to you most and being gentle with yourself when life throws you a curve ball. This kind of balance calls for clarity, adaptability, and flexibility.”
    Best of luck!

    • Wow! You definitely had a lot on your plate. I can’t complain now. Thanks for those words of wisdom. I will surely carry them in my pocket these next few days. I like the use of the work warrioress!

      • Complain all you want 🙂 Stress is stress, and it varies from person to person. If we listen to it though, we can learn a lot about ourselves! My thesis advisor at UW said to cherish this time, because there may not be another time that we are expected to write to whole-heartedly as we do at thesis time.

  4. You know, I used to really stress out about food to the point that I had an eating disorder. Now I just don’t. I don’t eat unhealthy, but I don’t worry too much either. I feel like there is enough to stress over. That being said, I could cut out some chocolate.

  5. Sign me up for mozzeralla sticks on Friday please and make sure they are fried. I’ve cut down seriously on dairy, like 90% but 100% is a stretch, especially when I have a baby taking over my body. Ack!

  6. I hate food. I really do. I mean I hate having to think about food. I certainly love eating it. I used to be a stress eater, and while I still do occasionally do (HELLLO CARBS COME TO ME!), I hate dealing with ingredients and the nutritional facts that I usually just get so fed up I opt not to eat, which certainly isn’t healthy either. I’m the most unbalanced person around, trying to figure out what works for me as a lifestyle…

  7. I have been on this lifestyle for so many years so for me – that is what it is – it is hard but worth it. Patience & consistency are key. 🙂 Ya can’t out train a bad diet so the thing is we have to realize that & find ways that work for us – how to fit in “fun” foods but ya just can’t do it all the time or even every day.. depending.. I just wrote a post about this not too long ago.. weight loss, maintenance & the cold hard facts – it ain’t pretty but it is the truth. 🙂 HUGS!

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