My 30-day trial dairy-free diet

JWail’s going dairy free for a month. Me-not so much and I’ll explain my reasoning in a new post. Although I am sure I will be cutting down on it since I do live with him. You can follow his blog here and read about his experience for the next month.

Primal Outdoors

Examining ways to continue improving my overall health and well-being and increasing my athletic performance has compelled me to eliminate dairy products from my diet for the next month starting today, March 3, 2013. I want to see if removing dairy from my diet will have a positive impact on my fitness, performance and general state of mind.

The claims are that eliminating dairy from the diet will result in increased energy levels, better digestion, better circulation, and higher endurance, among other benefits, all of which could enhance my physical performance and mental state.

For years I’ve wondered if I have any sort of dairy allergy, but since I’ve never fully eliminated dairy I’ve never known for sure. I’m hoping this experiment will help reveal if I actually do have any dairy allergies.

I’m also curious to see how much I will crave dairy once it’s gone. I’m a cheese…

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2 responses to “My 30-day trial dairy-free diet

  1. It’s tough at first, but totally doable. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss cheese, but I think being preggo makes it harder. Kiera spotted some almond cheese in the fridge yesterday when looking for a snack (not vegan as it still had milk casein unbeknownist to me when I bought it) and wanted a piece; otherwise, she doesn’t ask for much. I still give her organic yogurt a few time a week.I myself definitely falter here and there, but overall I’m doing pretty good. Eddy is doing best of all and down 5 lbs. already!

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