Super stoked to be part of a great team of athletes. Read through their bios and if you get a chance show them some of love on their blogs, twitter ect.

YMX Run Cycle Fitness and Yoga Clothes

At YMX we believe in shaping a beautiful life for oneself. Everything we make is a reflection of our passion for art, for leading a healthy, fulfilled, and well-balanced life.

We’re a small team, so when we decided we’d like to engage a team of ambassadors we had very specific ideas about who we wanted to represent YMX. These folks would be the heart of YMX in the world and window into who we are. We sought people as passionate, aware and involved in the world around them as we ourselves strive to be. People who could team with us to spread ideas of love, and trust and beauty in their local communities, an extension of the ideals we here at YMX aim to embody. We couldn’t have been happier with the response. We are so pleased with the diversity of truly unique and beautiful individuals who are passionate about…

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