Snowshoeing in a blizzard

It looked like the perfect morning to play in the snow. After perusing Twitter, reading everyone’s race update’s and feeling sad (does that happen to you?) I decided that running on a treadmill was not an option. But, snowshoeing-great! It was snowing after all.


Mikaya and I headed up to Happy Jack. On the one hand, the snow was deep enough that the parking lot was empty and Ky and I were able to break trail in a foot of snow. However, on the other hand, driving was a bit white knuckle. Needless to say we made it. We tromped around for an hour and half.


Despite the snow blowing and coming down hard, I was sweating. Seriously, snowshoeing is just as good a workout as running. A great cross training activity. I’ve enjoyed putting in the miles doing that this winter instead of slogging through the treadmill.


In other news, I saw this princess this weekend.

I don't what's cuter-the tutu or the monkey slippers.

I don’t what’s cuter-the tutu or the monkey slippers.

Talk about filling up my tank with laughter and joy. Seriously, so cute. My cup runneth over after a night with my Mom, sister, niece and bro-in-law. My Mom and I took The Princess for happy hour (she drank a shirley temple) and then to TJMaxx to buy a a princess skirt tutu. Um, ya so can we say adorable? Again, so cute.

Just chillin at the bar with Nana

Just chillin at the bar with Nana

And in one more piece of news, I am less than two weeks away from handing in my thesis and guess what-I am pretty sure my laptop has a virus. Great. Google Chrome crashes on me. I keep backing up to a cloud and a hard drive every time I finish working on it, but I can’t afford the time away from computer right now. But, I also can’t afford to have the computer crash.

Does Twitter, Facebook, or other social media bum you out? It does for me right now because there are absolutely no races in my area and I can’t possibly travel to one right now.

Did you or your little one ever go through a princess phase? I don’t remember the princess phase, but Mom reminded me of all my dance and gymnastics recitals.

What fun thing did you do this weekend?


3 responses to “Snowshoeing in a blizzard

  1. Princess K-Bear and I went out for a blizzard snowshoe yesterday too! Wait, let me clarify, she sat in a sled while I pulled 40 pounds behind me. I kept expecting her to complain, but apparently giving her my old ski goggles was the most brilliant idea ever. Oh, and I got a killer workout; score! Should have taken a picture or two – boo!

  2. I had the same thought on Sunday– I really wanted to run but just couldn’t get out in the blizzard 🙂 Ended up shoveling snow and playing with the pups instead. I remember social media totally making me sad back when I was stuck on the elliptical– but it’ll get better! 🙂

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