Grateful Things Thursday

I don’t normally  do this, but this morning I needed to get a little quick and dirty gratitude in my life. I spent most of the night up worrying about things that I now realize once up with the sun aren’t nearly as bas as I made them seem at 3 a.m. So, here goes some sunshine.

1. I’m grateful that it’s snowing. They said less than an inch and there is definitely 6 inches out there and still dumping. What’s that Mikaya-you want to go snowshoeing this weekend? Ok.

2. I’m grateful for this delicious hot cup of dark roast organic fair trade coffee. Coffee has not been in our budget lately, but JWail picked up a pound of the good stuff this week.


3. I’m grateful that I fought off being sick this week. Thanks to getting more educated on natural herbs, I didn’t have to go the antibiotic route like normal. Ugh, imagine after all these years of taking antibiotics and there was a more natural cure out there to prevent it.

4. I’m grateful that I have been able to write my thesis on my grandmother’s dining room table for the last year and half. It offers comfort, wisdom and a great place to spread out hundreds of documents. It also has a nice view out the window of a very snowy day.

5. I’m not injured. Two years ago this week I had my third foot injury. I can still run off stress, weight lift, ski, snowshoe and who knows, maybe sign up for another marathon next week.

6. I’m grateful for my dog Mikaya. Even at almost 9 years old she still acts like a pup. She slept between my legs today and I am sure that we will have to go frolick in the snow for a run when I get home from my internship. Never alone when I have this fur girl.


Ah, yes I already feel better. I could have easily made a negative comment about any of those things-but I didn’t, because the power of positive thinking is real and it’s contagious.

So, spread the love-what are you grateful for today?


5 responses to “Grateful Things Thursday

  1. I’m grateful that my sisters are smarter than me, that way I can be the funny lazy one. I’m also happy that our folks got us in the woods at a young age. I’m also grateful for the Shawnee Peak Family summer hike memories.

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