Killer leg workout

With all this skiing, thesis writing and fighting off a cold it’s been exactly two weeks since I did a lower body weight lifting workout. And OUCH! I felt it today. By the time I got to my thirty minutes of cardio on the treadclimber I could barely do the level that I normally do. Thankfully I had a Fitness Magazine to take my mind off the pain.

Here’s the workout:

ImageThanks to JWail for being my model in this “Killer leg workout.” I can’t believe how sore my legs were from just two weeks of not lifting lower body. I went down in a lunge and almost had trouble getting back up.

Yowza! At least I love the burn. Can’t wait to see how I feel for my run tomorrow. Speaking of which I am thinking of signing up for Top of Utah Marathon in September. Registration opens next week.

Anyone ever run this one?

Anyone suggest another marathon in Utah? I’m a little worried of doing long runs in the summer.

Anyone trained for a marathon over the summer? How did you survive the long runs?



Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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