Randoms and a Swanson Vitamins Review

Before I get to a review of Swanson Vitamins, I have a few items of note.

1. I found out today that I am a YMX by Yellowman ambassador. I am super excited to have been awarded this partnership with a company that makes not only quality fitness clothing, but super fun clothing as well. Definitely inspirational. Who wouldn’t want to ski, bike or run in this?

2. I have been pretty tired after our weekend skiing. I gave myself Tuesday off and I attempted yesterday at the gym. But, I felt blah and the workout amounted to nothing-fast. I just didn’t have the energy. I left and took another day off. Two days in a row! I realized that I had not done that in a very long time. I needed it-badly. I woke this morning and went for a run, letting myself relax. Instead I nailed a five mile run in 40 minutes. I’d ask where it came from except I know-rest. Rest is king.


On to the good stuff: Swanson Vitamins recently sent me a $25 gift card to try their products. Living where we do in Wyoming, getting to the store at a moments notice for health products doesn’t always happen without paying a ridiculous happen. We order most of our health products online and I was anxious to try a new service and new products.



What did I get?

1. 2 bottles of Vitamin K face lotion (buy one get one)

2. Omega 3 Fish oil with Vitamin D

3. Biotin Conditioner

4. Alive Multi Vitamin adult gummies

I was happy with their selection. They carry their own brand of products that are equivalent to the quality of the name brands, but at a lower price. They do carry all the name brand products, but at discounted prices which is great. Also, a lot of products are buy 1 get 1 free-like the Vitamin K cream.

They have $5.99 shipping, a completely reasonable price, but I do know that some competitors offer free shipping.

I was so happy with their selection, prices, and efficiency of ordering and delivery that I placed another order more recently. Must stock up for the cold winters with closed roads to civilization! (At least that is what it feels like at times up here).



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