A dose of skiing to reset the soul

The last few weeks proved themselves a roller coaster-emotionally and physically. With so much change going on in our lives we were due for a couple of days of fun in the mountains. See, that’s what we do when life gets complicated on the homefront-we escape to big mountains. One of the reasons why I fell for JWail (it’s our 2 year anniversary this week) was for how hard he kills it out on the mountain-particularly in the area of skiing. I’ve dated people who skied or snowboarded and it was fun, but no one who could push me to become a better skier. Or let’s be shameless honest, someone who could keep up when I pushed hard.

My hardcore ski shredding  BF

My hardcore ski shredding BF

JWail skies way more than I do each year. He has an addiction and somehow finds ways to pay for him to feed his addiction. I’m jealous. So, when the stars align and we can both take time off, have a little extra bit in the bank and a snowstorm on the way. We hit it. And we hit it hard.

Killin' it in a little powder stash

Killin’ it in a little powder stash

Although the storm part didn’t quite happen like we had hoped. Call it bad mother nature or bad luck, but weather forecasts told us 1-2 feet by today. Instead we got about 6 inches. Either way, we made the best of it. My legs are killing me.

We left in the morning at 6 am and drove the 3 hours to Summit County, Colorado. JWail forgot his poles in the company van last week down at the Ski Industry Association show. We stopped at Christy Sports to get a sweet pair of rentals. Twenty minutes into the trip, I realized that I forgot my pass at home. So, it was another pit stop at the Keystone Village pass office to get a replacement season pass. We were a sweet mess that morning. Good thing we are both easy-going and certainly in no hurry.

Did I tell you brought we these two fools?

Powdogs...props to JWail for this pic.

Powdogs…props to JWail for this pic.

Well, we did. We skied A-Basin both days and they waited patiently in the car for us to check on them every couple of hours. The beauty of A-Basin, besides the steeps, bumps and trees is that you can easily ski down to the car. Perfect for having doggies, who hang out in the parking lot with all the other doggies.

After getting on the lifts at 10:40am, we called it a day just before 3pm. A storm (we were hoping “the storm”) had moved in and my face was taking a toll. See, I realized a few weeks ago that my nose must have gotten frost-bitten in the past year because it gets freezing cold, burns, stings and goes numb whenever I am outside. But, I’m self diagnosing, so don’t listen to me. I’m just a big baby and wanted to hit the bar for a beer.

Check out that windburned, icy-I swear I have had frost bite - face

Check out that  wind burned, icy-I swear I have had frost bite – face

Which we did. Dillon Dam Brewery-beers and (black bean) burgers.

Then it was off our upscale digs at the Days Inn. Bums. Bona fide bums.

The next day brought another 3 inches of fresh snow and no crowds. We decided on the way over that we would push ourselves hard. We certainly did. After two hours my legs were burning, I was breathing heavy and yearning for more skiing. As cold as it got on the lift (and my Rudolph nose begging for mercy) the downhill was so fun that I couldn’t stop. We called it quits around 1pm and took the dogs for an hour hike before heading home.

Morning coffee on "The Beach." Nothing beats skiing from your car to first chair.

Morning coffee on “The Beach.” Nothing beats skiing from your car to first chair.

It was a perfect couple of days to reset our souls and put our lives and future decisions in perspective. All it takes is an adventure filled, heart pumping weekend skiing in the mountains to make me feel that everything’s gonna be alright.

What do you and your significant other do when you need to reconnect?

What do you do to put things in perspective?

Anyone else making it skiing this weekend?


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