Too good to pass up-Another half Mary

A lot of things are up in the air in my life right now. Namely where I will live June 1st and how I will pay my bills June 1st. Two pretty huge things. Committing to anything right now is tough because we need all of our pennies to A) Move and B)Cover ourselves if things don’t fall into place nicely.

Despite these unknowns, one thing is known-I am registered for Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon in August. It was $15! How do you pass up that. Like I said to this girl via twitter “I spend $15 on happy hour, why not spend it on a race I might be able to run.” Surely, that justifies a race that I may not even make it to, right?!

I ran Georgetown to Idaho Springs in 2010. It’s a reasonably priced race in the mountains and canyons of Colorado with a net downhill. Can’t complain about that. Today they were celebrating their anniversary and decided to do a day of throwback race prices to the 1970’s. Even if I for some reason can’t make it to the race, the money goes towards a great local cause. The donation is worth it.

And, now my Colorado family knows I have a good excuse to come and visit for a weekend. Especially since it is around SoulSista’s birthday.

Ok, have I justified myself enough for purchasing an entry to a race that I may or may not be able to run?

Either way I have to train as if I were going to run it, so at least there’s that.


This is not the race, however the view resembles this. #noregrets.

Ok, I’m done. I registered for a half marathon. Boo ya!

Have you ever registered for a race and DNS? Or weren’t sure if you were going to run it?

8 responses to “Too good to pass up-Another half Mary

  1. Lets cross our fingers and toes that u will be able to race!!! Net downhill…. Score!!

    I signed up for a half ironman a couple years ago… It was my big race for the year! I trained hard and I got sick 2 days prior! I had to bag it and I was soooooo sad about it!!

    • I guess your right-you could train your heart out and still not be able to race. So many variables. Sorry to hear that you had to bag the big race of the year for you.

  2. Yay another half mary together! I’m stoked. Peer pressure to get out and push yourself is always a good thing 🙂 We’re in it together!

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