It’s no secret that I’m a morning workout person. I like to get up and go before I have time to convince myself otherwise. It’s a time to set my intentions for the day, organize my thoughts, and energize myself. But, a few days a week I can’t make morning workouts. Today was one of them. I spent the day making bets with myself; if I finish writing two pages I can go to the gym; maybe there’s a class I can go to; I’m just bored with workouts.

Well, somehow all these deals convinced me to go to the gym. I came up with a quick workout to keep me motivated while at the gym and not just go from one thing to the next and half – bootying it.

So, here’s my workout. A little over 3 miles of running and lots of other stuff in between to keep my heart rate up and to keep me from getting bored.


Sometimes we all need a little bit of inspiration to get us up and out the door or in the case of me-up and off the couch and out the door.

Any good workout to share lately? Leave a link and inspire me!

Burpees-love them or hate them? I actually like them, but 10 at a time is my limit right now. I know all you crossfitters are crazy burpeers, but I’m not-yet.


Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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