Easy upper body workout

It’s no secret that I like the gym-and always have. I wouldn’t call myself a gym rat because more than 3 days a week inside a gym and I go crazy. Instead, I get outdoors whenever possible. You will hardly find me in the gym in the summers. Over the years I have created workouts for to keep myself from getting bored at the gym. Although,  I have to admit that many times I go back to the simple weight lifting and toning moves-like the ones presented below. Have fun, enjoy and look for more quick, fun workouts in the future!




**Disclaimer-I am not a professional. These are just options for what I like to do when working out. Please consult a physician before starting any exercise routine.



2 responses to “Easy upper body workout

  1. Sounds like a good workout to me, especially when throw in those mountain climbers and crunches! I wish I could say I like the gym–the best I can say is I’m reconciling to it….

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