Making progress but towards what?

So, posting hasn’t happened this week. Life has happened and I’m not one for the fluffy posts. But, even with a busy schedule working out and eating right continues-it’s a lifestyle right? And I’m seeing progress in my fitness levels which is nice. But, progress towards what? I don’t have a single race on the schedule. I am working towards nothing. Or rather I am working towards that day when I get invited to do something that requires good physical fitness and I can say “sure.” But, until that happens, I’ll continue with my routine.

I want to be fake running up a mountain!

I want to be fake running up a mountain!

Here’s what it looks like:

Weight lifting: 2 days a week. One day upper body and one day lower body. Stairmill for 30 minutes. Total-1.5 hours each day.

Running: 3-4 days a week. One long run, and all others run as fast as I can for as long as the time I have.

Look boring? It sort of is to be honest. I am itching for another adventure. Skiing, hiking, biking something. I shouldn’t be in this much of  funk about fitness just because I don’t have a specific goal, but days in the gym or hammering on the pavement can get monotonous. And, I am being a brat because I just got back from 10 days on the Canary Islands.

In the nature of remaining positive I am hitting faster running times and PRing in the weights every week. My strength training in the gym is definitely paying off out on the streets. But, I want to know-is it paying off on the trails?

What are you training for these days?

How do you stay motivated?

Ever in a fitness funk?



3 responses to “Making progress but towards what?

  1. Sounds like your fitness regiment is right on track, Kait! I know what you mean about wanting to shake it up a bit. I get stuck in a fitness rut so easily.

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