Snow running

Today’s quote of the day: “Why don’t you wear snow running boots while out here running?”  -My Mom

The snow up on our local trail system has been in between-not enough to snow shoe, but not enough to see bare ground. I suffered a bit (ok, a lot) of jet lag this past week after returning from the Canary Islands. I took it easy the first few days-either resting, sleeping or easy cardio . But, come Tuesday I was ready to run and I wanted to run with my dogs. I missed them. So, JWail and I headed up to Happy Jack. We did 4 miles in just over an hour. There was more snow than we thought-so areas we were post holing up to our knees. But, we did it and of course felt great afterwards. When does it not feel great afterwards?


My Mom came into town yesterday with cross country skis in tow. Once I got over my jealousy of wanting to cross country ski and the fact that this is one piece of gear I don’t own, but have on my list, I decided to snow run alongside her. The quote at the beginning of this post comes from today’s adventures. I didn’t know that they made snow running boots. Where can I get a pair?


After a few days the snow of earlier in the week was melted and in one word the run was glorious. The sky was a piercing blue and the sun, bright and warm, bounced off the snow leaving a magical aura. Running on the snow is like running on the beach-only colder. Your feet sink in just an inch or two and you have to push off hard engaging your achilles, hamstrings, and glutes. I covered another 4 miles, but it took a bit longer as I had to stop and wait. No worries though. I was happy to be out in the sunshine, soaking up the vitamin D, getting the adrenaline flowing and of course hanging out with my Mom and the dogs. I am always so thankful that she still continues to do all this with me at her age. May I live to be as active and spirited as that woman.

Mom rockin' it on her skis

Mom rockin’ it on her skis

I have a quick little honest tidbit to share with you. I am normally an upbeat and positive person, but this winter has given me a bit of the blues. Not so much the sad depression blues, but the lazy-no energy-I miss my runs and biking outside blues. For a while there it was getting dark at 4:00 (I noticed the other day it was getting dark at 5:00) and the -17 temperatures were a total buzzkill to.

So, anyone out there suffer from SAD or just simply the winter blues? How do you combat it? I’ve set the goal of getting outside to exercise 2x’s a day. The first time is for my actual exercise the second is to walk the dogs, or to at least walk myself. So far, the additional short walks are helping big time.

Any snow runners out there? Do you have “snow running boots”? No, ok, then what do you wear? I just wore ski socks and my Mizuno Nirvanas.



3 responses to “Snow running

  1. I wear a pair of Salomon trail running shoes, either with Gore-Tex or ClimaShield. I also throw on a pair of gaiters to keep snow and stuff out of the top. Salomon (and other brands, I’m sure) make a pair of winter running shoes with a zip-up gaiters built in.

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