New race ideas and challenges for 2013

I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while and commitment has been minimal. But, the “what’s next?” itch lingers in my mind. Of done endurance mountain bike races, marathons, half marathons, so now what? At first it was going to be a 15 mile backcountry snowshoe race, but it was canceled. I know I have wanted to seek out more running races that were trail specific as I’m not much of a road racer and of course the trails call my name. 

Today I committed. Today I committed that this would be the year of a 50k trail race. 


  • It’s a trail race
  • It’s not 50 miles
  • But, it’s over 26 miles
  • I’m turning 30 and each mile represents a year?
  • Why not?

So, I need ideas. Anyone run a good first 50k trail race? Or heard of some good ones? I am think July or August.

How have you celebrated milestone birthdays? The year I turned 25 I ran my first full marathon.Image

Dream Big!



14 responses to “New race ideas and challenges for 2013

    • Thanks for the suggestion! June 1st is kinda early since I think we are probably (fingers crossed that life changes fall into place) are moving that weekend. But, I will definitely keep it in mind. If not then I will definitely keep training runs with you very much in mind!

      • Ugh…give it up will ya?! 🙂 J/K…We will see what happens. Depends where the job is. Hopefully a mountain town with less people and then you will have a couch to crash on when you want to come train for trail races.

  1. I love that you’re running your birthday in mileage! Great goal and congratulations on making the commitment. I’d say come run my race with me (1st 50k, too!), but Ohio is probably a little far for that! I’m looking forward to following along with your training.

  2. Lots of great (but tough) 50K’s in the Bay Area — Brazen’s Diablo Challenge, Skyline 50K. Inside Trail, Brazen, and Coastal Races all put on great races! Good luck and have fun!

    • Hmm..maybe a trip to California? Not such a bad idea. I follow another blogger who does endurance races in the Bay Area-the views look beautiful. Thanks for the idea!

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