Big changes for Mtn Kait

A certain static and energy hung over the air today. Today was a big day. A day of many new beginnings. Today marked the first day of my last semester of graduate classes. Two years ago I made the choice to leave a fulfilling career and enter graduate school full time. Now, here I am-looking for a job again. Looking for the next big adventure.

Another new beginning happened today. I found out while away on my trip that I was chosen as a Sweat Pink Ambassador (SPA). To me, it is an honor to be a SPA. It reminded me of why I started this blog, and how much I enjoy mentoring in so many areas of my life including my personal lifestyle. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others about fitness, health and well being.

I started this block to hopefully inspire others, specifically women, to live a healthy lifestyle rich in fitness, all natural eating, and balance. Being a Sweat Pink Ambassador allows me to continue to do this, however hopefully I will reach and inspire more women.

Additionally, in the past few months as my blog has grown, I have sufficiently neglected it. I have put on the back burner many things that would help with the growth. For instance, passing along on my facebook page informational articles on health and wellness that I read. (Here’s my shameless plug: follow me on Facebook and you can read interesting articles). As many of us bloggers know, this takes time. I even asked myself today if I still wanted to put in the effort. I didn’t even hesitate in thinking-yes, I love this. It’s not a job, or chore it’s enjoyable. So, here’s to new beginnings-putting more effort into something I love.

My last new beginning today is starting a month of life coaching. I won a free month of the online course “Fulfill Your Year” over at OneMominMaine. I don’t think this could have come at a better time for me-the year I turn 30, finish a master’s, get a job, start a new career, move. I want to take time to reflect on myself-who I am, what I want, where I am going-to ensure that the major decisions I make are the best for me. In addition, I want to continue living every adventure in life. I don’t want to stop pushing the limits of myself physically and mentally. I don’t want to stop exploring because quite frankly I want 30 to be the best decade yet!

So, cheers to new beginnings. New efforts, new adventures.

Any new milestones or adventures in your life this year?

Bloggers out there-how do you find time for all of the posting, including social media?Β I get so overwhelmed with all of the social media out there and it gets too overstimulating. Luckily I don’t have a fancy phone so I’m not on Instagram. Jeesh-that would be one more thing.

Anyone tried a life coach before? I didn’t think I would ever need something like this, but I am really looking forward to exploring myself through creativity.


10 responses to “Big changes for Mtn Kait

  1. Blogging is a commitment! That’s why I’m about to stop doing it. You have to pick and choose commitments and I’m choosing to move on. But I’m happy you are embracing it, having discovered you love it.

    The 30s are a great decade! You will love these coming years. And I’m telling you that with certainty, as next Monday I am turning 40–another decade to anticipate!

  2. I’m quite New Media savvy, except for Pinterest. I just don’t get it. I mean… I have 8 followers and I actually feel quite shameful about this as my blog is getting more and more traction – lol.

    • Ya-it’s something I need to work on to. I use it when I need personal inspiration for things like recipes, gift ideas, or party decorating. But, not something I use for th blog and it probably needs to be. I always think, “just one more thing to do”

  3. Congratulations on your sweat pink ambassadorship! Blogging and social media take up so much time! I’m trying to back off a bit more this year (and not checking any accounts from my phone when I’m out!). I’ve noticed that reducing my time on twitter has reduced my stimulation overload significantly… I can do without 20 new updates a second!

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