A week of vacation and adios!

It’s been a while since I posted, and quite honestly a while until I will post again. I love my little spot in the blog world, but I love unplugging and living life in the moment as well. That’s not to say that I didn’t take pictures this past week and think, “this would make a great blog post” or “I need this for the blog.”

Someone once said to me that vacation is more time to do the things that you love and this week has been exactly that.

Last Saturday we did our first big backcountry trip of the season up on Cameron Pass, about 60 miles NW of Fort Collins, Colorado. For me, it was one of the most serious backcountry trip I have ever done since I had to wear a beacon for the first time meaning that avalanche danger was imminent  Usually we go where the terrain is mellow enough and the snow not too deep since I don’t own a beacon (I definitely need one, but holy moly they are expensive). Our friend let me borrow his extra since his wife couldn’t make the trip that day. We covered about 7 miles and 2,000 vertical.

Christmas of course was relaxing and spent with family down on the Front Range of Colorado. We took our time opening presents, drinking chocolate martinis and sitting in the hottub. Christmas brought us the perfect dusting of snow and after a day inside, we pushed the Little Red Head out in the snow for some fun.


Her new robe to wear out to the hot tub-aka Nana’s pool



Playing grocery store with Griz


Snow time on the see saw

We even got her to the ski slopes! She’s a timid, shy 2.5 year old when it comes to new experiences, but if you want to be a part of this family you have to learn how to ski. (It’s written down in the Watts code-I checked). So, our idea was to acclimate her to the culture of skiing. We decided on A-Basin since the lodge is right at the base and not an entire village like the other Colorado resorts. We brought her sled and took turns skiing while someone pulled her around in the sled, bought her hot chocolate and cookies, and let her watch the skiiers from inside the lodge. She even got to ride the magic carpet. She was all smiles by the end, so I would say it was a success.


She kept getting snow in her eyes. Next on the list of things to look for in gear shops–baby goggles.



Snack time in the lodge with Mama

In between these big days I did multiple snow hikes, snowshoeing, and runs with the dogs and managed to cover about 25 miles! Not too shabby. Yesterday’s hike was the steepest and has left me quite sore in the abs and calves today.




My view for the six mile hike. The trail ran along a ridge line and wasn’t condusive to letting dogs off leashes.



The view towards Rocky Mountain National Park-Never gets old

I couldn’t have asked for a better vacation of doing all the things I love. However, now I must wish you all adios. I am off to the Canary Islands for my study abroad trip on Wednesday! I’m thinking about bringing the ipad, but no promises on updates until I return. I’m kinda digging this unplugging thing.

Thanks for following along with my adventures here on MountainKait for the last year. As my readership has grown, so has my inspiration. You are all amazing people and an incredible audience. Thanks for a great year and blessings to you all in ringing in a happy, healthy and adventure filled 2013!



5 responses to “A week of vacation and adios!

  1. Happy New Year, Kait! I love that quote about vacation. Keeping up a blog is hard work and sometimes it’s nice to step away for a bit 🙂

  2. What an amazing vacation…doing all sorts of outdoor activities are the kind of vacations I LOVE. Maybe I missed it in a prior post, but what are you studying in Canary Islands? How long will you be there? Have a wonderful trip!!

    • I’m taking a grad course there on EU environmental policy. I will be conducting analyses on environmental issues of the island of Tenerife. Should be fun!

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