A new (old) workout

I have a new workout. I don’t have any pictures. See, I hit the gym religiously 3 days a week to weight lift for an hour. However, I cannot take pictures. I go to a University gym. It may be the University of Wyoming, but the undergrads are still somewhat good looking. The majority of people there are under the age of 25. The males are ripped and the females weigh 120 pounds soaking wet. I’m pushing 30 and always a little on the soft side. I won’t take pictures. I don’t want to be that person. And I have a flip phone. It does not take pictures discreetly.

But, I did want to shake up my workouts. It’s been cold and windy out and I’m still working a bit, so time is crunched. I decided to dust off the old climbing shoes. And by old I mean 10 years, cracking a bit and I’ve gone up a shoe size since. But, whatevs they worked.

Yes-another outdoor (this time indoor) pursuit. Sometimes I whine to JWail that we have so many things we love to do that some days choosing what to do can be a battle. Do we want to hike or mountain bike? Should we downhill or skin? I know,#firstworldproblems right?

I threw this in because it’s weird without pictures. and because I want a ripped back and arms like this chick.

I used to rock climb about 10 years ago. I started in Austria-actually that is where I bought my gear- and then used to boulder and climb at the gym quite regularly when I moved to Colorado. I always think about getting back into it because of the workout it affords and by golly today was the day.

I made sure to go at 6am when very few people would be able to watch my large bum bum going up a wall between sets of leg presses. I lasted 30 minutes until my arms felt like jello. Then ran 30 minutes on the treadmill and did some pushups-just to punish the upper body some more. But, I have to say-I’m hooked on a new workout!

I’ll let you know how my arms feel tomorrow.

Any climbers out there?

Favorite exercises to get in shape for climbing?

Have you tried any new exercise routines/sports lately?



4 responses to “A new (old) workout

  1. My husband was big into climbing. I did some of it while I was dating. It’s a great workout because it can be mental, strength, or cardio depending on what routes you pick. I had someone show me a bicep curl where the palms are down instead of up and it worked the forearms more. My first thought was that would be good for climbing.

    • That’s so true how versatile it is. I always thought it was a good partner workout because you have to learn communication and trust. I like the reverse bicep curl-I will have to try it.

  2. I am also an avid climber who made a comeback after a few years’ hiatus. When I returned to climbing, I started by doing slabby (or less overhanging) routes to build up technique and balance again. Within a few months, I was ready to get stronger on overhangs and trained specifically with a pull-up bar at home. Didn’t take long to get back in top form and added bonus: awesome, lean muscles–most notably abs and lats!

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