In the Christmas Spirit-finally

I’m finally in the Holiday/Winter spirit. I successfully suppressed the notion that winter had arrived with cold weather (hello 5 degrees), snow and christmas lights, until after the semester had ended. I’ve always managed to measure my life in semesters; first as a student, then a teacher, and now this hybrid life of student and teacher.

A perfect mix of western and victorian.

A perfect mix of western and victorian.

So, the season has arrived. What better way to ring it all in than a night away from home in a bed and breakfast. JWail and I spent Friday night in Cheyenne at the Nagle Warren Mansion and Bed and Breakfast. Built in 1882 and fully restored, the moment you walk through the door you feel at home. The owner immediately greeted us at the door and proceeded to take us on a tour and history lesson of the home and graciously showed us our room.


This little cowboy greeted us on top of the soaking tub.

For one night I forgot about everything. I started a knitting project, read a book, drank Knob Creek, and sat in the hot tub. The next morning I got up first and went downstairs for coffee only to come back up to bed and read some more while waking up.After, I squeezed in a workout while JWail slept in.

They served breakfast as soon as we were ready. We sat and read the paper, read the history of the hotel and area, and then dined on fresh fruit, eggs with ricotta and chives, and homemade whole grain bread. Full and fully relaxed, we decided to sit up in the “nookery” on the third floor. We cracked nuts and read more history books. So nice to not be in a hurry to go anywhere.

JWail at the breakfast table.

JWail at the breakfast table.


Drinking tea in front of the fire where the stockings were hung with care


No shame-I totally had this plate X2

However, the highlight was the High Tea on Saturday afternoon. They served their house tea, with a buffet of assorted sweets and small bites. There was a pianist playing music on the grand piano and the three (!) front parlor rooms were filled with people celebrating the holidays

We drove home Saturday afternoon with full bellies, and an inner warmth that truly rang in the holiday season for us.

Now, it’s on to one more week of administering exams, grading and finishing up some papers. Surely, I can do this.

What was the best hotel or B & B that you have stayed at?

Have you done anything fun, festive, and holidayish recently to get you in the mood?


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