Review: Po Campo bags

Anyone out there bike to work or around town for errands?

When I started my first job out of college I missed the luxury of commuting to school by bike. After four years of riding the freeway to and from, I finally moved within a mile of my workplace. I think it would be hard for me to not have this option anymore. Today I didn’t bike to school-JWail drove us in because he has meetings after work, but I’ll walk home from here.


Here I am on my first day of school last year-ready to bike. Notice the big bag on the back. Wouldn’t it be nice to have panniers and attach a bag?

Anyways, we are bike junkies. Obviously we mountain bike and road bike for fitness quite a bit, but we also ride our bikes to work, the grocery store, the bank, happy hour.

Po Campo bags are a perfect solution for a bike bag that easily turns into a cute travel bag for all you needs. Whether it’s a briefcase, diaper bag, yoga bag, or purse, their “Connect System” easily transfers the bag from one that attaches to a stroller, or bike to one that looks like it just came off the Nordstrom rack.

From the website:

Po Campo’s Connect attachment system solves the common problem of finding yourself with too much stuff to carry because it gives you the option to secure your bag to something else or to fasten other things to the bag. Functional freedom at last!

Here’s a little background about the company:

Our bags are named after Chicago’s various neighborhoods and their eclectic character, keeping Maria’s vision for chic versatility grounded in its Midwestern urban origin. Whether a casual cyclist, a busy mom on the go, or a savvy fashionista, Po Campo accessories provide the freedom to realize life’s adventures – and look good doing it. (Source)

I have to admit that these bags are pretty hipster. I was send the Maxwell Hip Pouch to review. It’s basically a fanny pack, which can come in handy. However, I just wear the strap on my shoulder rather than around my waist. Way more my style. I can still connect it to my bike if I wanted to. The quality is incredible. It’s waxed canvas, which is smooth yet rugged. It fits my wallet, keys, and phone when heading out for dinner or happy hour.

Looking for a great Christmas gift for a person who loves bikes and loves to look good, yet practical while doing it? Head on over to Po Campo and take a look at their bags.

Any bike commuters here? What bag do you use to commute? I alternate between two or three. I have a cross shoulder purse that I use when I go out shopping and such. when I bike to school I have a backpack and a shoulder bag depending on what I take for the day. Someday when I get real job again I would like to invest in a rack and panniers.






2 responses to “Review: Po Campo bags

  1. I was looking for a new backpack I am so tired of my purple one it is getting old I may half to try this out I like how it fits on the bike without me having to lug it around. I always ride my bike to work rain or shine I am on it!

    • So great that you are dedicated to biking in all conditions! I would definitely check out their bags-alleviates a lot of stress on our backs. Plus they are cute!

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