Trotting like a turkey

I don’t know about you, but I am thoroughly enjoying the last of a most fabulous break. Lot of running (32 miles for the week!), lots of eating, and lots of net surfing for craft christmas gift ideas. Actually, I don’t have much to blog about unless you want to hear about how crafty I am (moderately) or how much food I can put down (a lot). But, I can share some picture from our homemade turkey day trot.

The last five years have found me at the start line of an official Turkey Trot before gobbling food and drink the rest of the day. But, this year we decided to be cheap. We figured why pay and only run/walk 3.1 miles, when we could ride up the road to a free trail that was 4.5 miles. I understand that a lot of the money for these Turkey Trots go to charity, but this year with finishing graduate school, things are tight. Hopefully we can pick up with the tradition again next year.

Mama and I at the start of the trot last year.

You’d think this was after the turkey trot-but it was really before.

We started off The Big Avian day (aka the turkey day) with a trail run up Coyote ridge. Well, really it was a trail run for me and hike for JWail and Mom. Neither one of them felt like running up a steep, rocky mountain-I’m not sure why. Either way we all enjoyed the fresh air, exercise, and of course views before indugling the rest of the day. JWail and I are still eating leftover tonight. Stuft!

JWail and I at the top.

Mama trotting to the top

Mama trotting to the top.

That’s it. I guess there wasn’t much to talk about with our turkey trot either. We did it-early. It was beautiful. The end. On to sitting on the couch (more) and resting up tonight before tackling the week(s) ahead.



3 responses to “Trotting like a turkey

  1. I think that looks like a great new tradition anyway! I didn’t do a Turkey Trot this year either and it was my second year passing on the event. We went trail running instead, and I have to say that I enjoyed it a bit more. Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

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