First tracks of the season-Breck and A-Basin

At some point in our second day in a row of skiing today, Josh looked at me and said “this is my 29th year of skiing.” I thought back and made quick calculations. “This is my 26th, or maybe 24th year of skiing.” I think I started when I was five, but I can’t quite remember. I do remember loving to go skiing because the family dumped me off in ski school and I got all you can eat cookies and hot chocolate. Score.

I’m not sure what compelled us to pack up Friday afternoon and drive to Summit County, Colorado. Perhaps we both needed a change of scenery. Perhaps we said prayers that it would dump snow all night and we would find ourselves knee deep in powder. Either way, it’s the time of the year that we hang up the mountain bikes and strap on the skis.

We started Saturday drinking coffee and taking our time eating breakfast with some friends. Then we took an hour and 45 min hike up to the Sallie Barber Mine and Mt.Baldy (a good bit of training for my next adventure-I know, I haven’t revealed it, yet). We let the dogs run and tire themselves out before we left them at home while hitting up Breckenridge for some fast laps.

In between wearing layers of outerwear, JWail and I found some time to go on a date. When JWail and I first met, he had been living in Breck for 6 years. Last year he found himself back working in the old hood. We visited some of his stomping grounds and ate lavishly. We had happy hour at Hearthstone – $5 apps and local Breckenridge distillery whiskey. After that we hit up Swiss Haven for Fondue and Gluhwein.

Sunday took us to my favorite place to ski-A-Basin. A Basin has an old school feel to a ski area, but with steep (and sometimes powder deep) trails. We took laps with a big old group of friends and stopped into the truck to check on the dogs and let them out.

Snacking and hanging with the pups at “The Beach”

Unfortunately, the snow was not deep and each of the two places we visited-Breckinridge and A-Basin-only had one lift open (two at A-Basin if you count the lift to the top). Fortunately, the peer pressure of obtaining a season pass got the best of me and I had no problem taking fast top to bottom runs on the same two trails and one chair lift. Gotta get my monies worth!

Happy for another snow season!

Any skiers or boarders out there? What’s your favorite place to go?

Anyone rather sit in the lodge and watch people ski while ingesting hot (or cold) beverages?

What did you do this weekend? Any fun adventures?



9 responses to “First tracks of the season-Breck and A-Basin

  1. Last year Keystone was a our go-to spot. The fact they didn’t charge for close parking was a huge part of it…and after years of only night boarder at Keystone we had a lot of extra mountain to explore during the day! This year we are trying out Copper and WP for the first time…so far its way too early to decide!

    • Josh and I talked about the parking situation yesterday with Vail Resorts. Mostly how much Breck charges. So, I hear ya on the Keystone for free parking. I had a Copper/WP pass for a few years. I love the Mary Jane side of WP.

  2. For some weird reason, we crazy skiers enjoy spending a few hours going down the same run again and again! My recent go-to spot would be Méribel in France. It’s big and the snow is usually good. I don’t like wasting precious ski time in the lodge…unless it’s like -42C outside (yes, that happened and it was horrible!!)

  3. I am so jealous that you both have been skiing for more than two decades. Being from the midwest, we have no mountains to practice on so I am not a skiier or a snowboarder. I went to a glorified hill in Wisconsin where I skiied for the day and actually loved it. But I’ve never done any true skiing in the mountains. I would love to! I just think I would have to start off on the bunny hills haha

  4. I lived in Vail for 7 years and Denver for another 7 before moving to NY 5 years ago. When I first lived in a Vail I skied 100 days/year. That wound down to 30. In Denver it became 12. Now that I live in NY it’s been 1. That’s right. One day a year during my annual visit to Denver and Vail. I think I might need to reassess this downward trend and do something about it!

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