An all natural skin care regimen

Thanks for all your kind words about the sprained ankle. Fortunately it’s not that bad and I have been weight lifting and doing cardio in the gym. Building up for my next big adventure (wait for it-I’ll announce soon!)


In the meantime, I wanted to share with you my new skin care regimen. I am blessed with an olive skin tone thanks to my Armenian bloodline. But, unfortunately I am still prone to acne. Especially with the amount of working out and sweating that I do. I know, it’s gross and probably TMI (if you don’t want to read, you don’t have to), but it’s the truth. As athletes I think that we all experience breakouts at one point or another.

I have tried oral antibiotics. Who wants to be on those all the time? I have tried prescription gel. Dries up my face. And as JWail reminded me, “why do you like putting chemicals on your face?” So, I started looking around the nets for all natural solutions and kept coming across the oil method.

It sounded weird to me. Fighting oil with oil? Apparently castor oil draws the bacteria that clogs pores out of your face. So, here goes nothing: my new nightly regimen.

1. Poor a small dime size dollop of castor oil in your hand. You may want to look up your skin type here and adjust accordingly.

2. Poor a nickel size dollop of sunflower or olive oil in your hand.

3. Massage into your face. Don’t scrub.

4. Wet a washcloth with hot steamy water and put over your face. Let it sit there until it cools and allow the steam to draw the oil and bacteria out of your pores. Repeat two or three times.

That’s it! All natural. My face has cleared up. No more acne around the edges of my face where I sweat or a helmet sits for hours. No more stress acne or “that time of the month” acne. To be honest it feels fabulous. A mini relaxing facial every night. And in the dry high altitude climate of Wyoming, my face is now consistently moisturized. We all know about the health benefits of ingesting “good oil”, so why not absorb it through your skin?



Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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