Injured but not out

I finally realized what a “relaxing Sunday” actually meant today. And a relaxing Saturday for that matter. Since Friday, I’ve found myself sidelined with an injury-a sprained ankle. Ya, I know, kinda wimpy. But, regardless it is on my foot that I broke and still has a titanium screw in. Better safe than sorry.

Fun foothill singletrack

We headed out on our bikes Thursday afternoon to catch the last sun and great weather before wind chills and snow made their way in for the weekend. We rode from our house, choosing to chase the last of the sunlight out on the natural areas east of town. Minus the headwind on the way out, I rocked out to my music and followed Josh at a pretty good clip. We decided about half way to cut it a bit short because of the light and the fact that I had class at 6:30-talk about a post ride buzz kill.

Enjoying the beautiful weather. A bit chilly, but totally tolerable.

This is also the point when another buzz kill happened. We came across an area of construction where a trench had been dug to install pipeline. JWail got off his bike and, jumped into the ditch, and hoisted it to the other side. I got off, and he took my bike helping me to transport it, as the ditch was about 5 feet deep and he’s such a gentleman. I looked at the ditch and realized that the embankment was too steep, so I jumped. Just as I landed the ankle rolled and “POP.”

The gentleman up ahead heading off into the sunset.

I knew that sound and new immediately that I was done. Although it never seems to set in right away. I pedaled home, went to class and woke up in the morning to the roadkill on my ankle. Swollen, bruised, painful.

Three days later the swelling went down considerably. I spent the last three days wearing compression socks and an Active Ankle brace. I’ve RICED, read books, napped, and most of all forced myself to rest. Speaking of books, we went to the library yesterday and I scored big time. The new John Irving book, the new Barbara Kingsolver, and “Running with the Kenyans.” I was so excited that I didn’t know which one to start first. I chose the John Irving, but I really want to read the Kenyans book. Oh, decisions decisions.

I am hoping to hit up the gym in the morning for upper body strength and if I feel ok in the ankle department some elliptical. Needless to say, running will not be in my near future.

A bummer, since I have a big announcement this week!

Are you cautious about injuries? I wasn’t always. I like to think that I am getting cuter wiser in my old age.

Prone to ankle sprains? Not until about three years ago and since then the whole outfit from foot to calf on the right side has been delicate.

Best book you have read lately? I just finished the new Ann Patchett book “State of Wonder.” A fabulous read that I could not put down.


9 responses to “Injured but not out

  1. Oh no! I’ve been dealing with a “sprained” ankle myself for 6 weeks now. Don’t be too hard on yourself – I’ve discovered a sprain isn’t so lame at all, depending on the severity. A sprain can be anything from stretched ligaments to torn ligaments (my situation) to ligaments torn right off the bone. I hope you recover quickly. Meanwhile, to answer your questions:
    1. Yes, I am cautious (now that I’m 42 not 22) about injuries. I haven’t always been though.
    2. This is my first ankle sprain but I understand once you do it once you’re more likely to sprain your ankle again.
    3. I really liked “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg (non-fiction) and “A Visit From the Goon Squad” by Jennifer Egan (fiction).

  2. Enjoy your forced relaxation. I tend to be overly scared of injuries and not attempt somethings that sound like fun because of fear of being hurt. I am such a book bouncer. I will often have 2-3 books that I’m reading at a time and will pick a different one based on my mood. Recently I have enjoyed “Left Neglected” about a woman who gets a brain injury and “Replay” about a main who gets to relive his life.

  3. I’m sorry you’re injured–hopefully it will be of short duration.

    I am reading Unbroken–it’s great but harrowing. I also enjoyed the Kenyans book–not as funny or well-written as Born to Run but probably more accurate in its explanation for why the Kenyans are so good (it’s not any one thing….)

    • Thanks Terzah-feeling better already. I read Unbroken as well and really enjoyed it. Although it was not as running focused as I had initially thought. I may have to start Kenyans tonight because the new John Irving is a yawner. I’ve given it 150 pages so far and still cannot get into it.

  4. Ouch! Booo not another ankle problem for you 😦 I’m sorry girl. That sucks. I hope it heals quick, and I look forward to hearing the big announcement! (you’re moving to Boulder, yes?. Okay good :P)

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