Wordless Wednesday (almost)

This about sums up the fun parts of our Tuesday-you know, in between all the work parts.

JWail making pancakes with his “new” kitchenaid mixer.

I ran a mile, voted (I’m pointing to my sticker), than ran another 5.5 in my Kinvara’s in record time. I felt awesome on all accounts.

Caught these two cuddling up after a long run on the trails.

Any fun parts to your day?

Do you ever run to your errands?




4 responses to “Wordless Wednesday (almost)

  1. I ran last week and on my run, everyone asked if I could bring them breakfast from Dunkin’ Donuts on the way back. Fortunately, there’s one down the street, so I could run back home just as long as it’s not coffee. Unfortunately, the Dunkin’ Donuts still didn’t have power with Hurricane Sandy.

    I think being able to literally “run” your errands is great. It saves gas, time and you kill two birds with one stone — getting a workout in and errands out of the way.

      • My dad asked for a glazed donut. I think the chocolate one is my favorite. You’d seriously have to run 2 miles to burn off just ONE donut. Though the Boston Creme Donut, hmmm… that’s a tough one. You might need to do 3. 🙂

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