What I’m loving lately: Food edition

I try to experiment and add food to my diet that will allow it to slowly change and morph over time. I mean a diet is a lifestyle, right? And lifestyles are simply habits. Lately, I have added two new items to my diet.

1. Nutritional Yeast. I have a love of cheese. I know that most body builders and fitness competitors cut cheese out of their diet. I’m not sure that I could do that. But, I can cut down on it and nutritional yeast allows me to do this. These flakes of dried yeast can be added to anything-soups, tacos, rice, smoothies, ect. They have a cheesy flavor without the fat and check out the nutritional facts:

Protein: 9g

B Vitamins: hundreds of percentages

Folic acid: 310%

I buy mine in bulk, but you can find it online at any vitamin store.

2. Maple Syrup Granules. Sugar is another demon in my diet. Not because I find myself addicted to the additive sugars, but because I hear so many conflicting things about agave nectar v. honey, and stevia v. xylitol. Maple Sugar Granules are essential dehydrated maple syrup. They are as sweet as sugar and can be added to anything. I love my in my oatmeal in the mornings and my tea in the afternoons. Maple sugar is still a high sugar content and high in calories, so you have to be careful with the amount you use. But, the one that I find in bulk are all natural, so I feel better about using it over the other substitutes.

My morning oatmeal. In the mix-almond milk, raw oats, maple syrup granules, and protein powder.

What are you using these days as different substitutes?

Do you use these substitutes regularly in your foods?

I shared this on What I ate Wednesday with Peas and Crayons.


7 responses to “What I’m loving lately: Food edition

  1. Love nutritional yeast. I’ve been putting Greek yogurt in with my couscous, quinoa, what have you. It could easily be a substitute for sour cream.

  2. I have a similar cheese addiction. When I went vegetarian, I thought I could never go vegan because of the cheese factor. Now, I’ve given up cow’s milk altogether but I can’t seem to kick my cheese habit. Grrrr. Nutritional yeast might help!

    • I’m the same way-vegetarian who couldn’t go vegan because of cheese. I too gave up cow’s milk. Nutritional yeast has helped to cut back on cheese for me.

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