Fresh air does everyone good

My Mom and I have a pretty special relationship. I am grateful for this everyday. Yesterday afternoon she called me. She told me that she was leaving work and wanted to drive up. She hadn’t packed a bag and didn’t even have a toothbrush. But, she’s a warrior, adventurer, and things just don’t matter to her like they used to.

I needed her. I was a bit lonely. JWail is out of town still and for those who don’t know-grad school is isolating. I had spent my Saturday completing homework for the week, and a short hike with Mikaya. I wanted to go out and get my mind off of things for a bit. Mom came at a perfect time.


A few weeks ago, I took my 60 year old Mom trail running for the first time in her life and she fell in love. Now, she keeps asking, “can we go hiking?”

So, today we headed out to our local trails and did a 4 mile, hour and a half hike-in the snow. With the sun shining through, a dog bounding amongst us, and the crisp air we could not stop smiling and laughing. We kept the pace moderate because we needed to talk. Well, I needed to talk. Even at 29 I am still experiencing growing pains and trying to sort out my next destination in life. Just like those adolescent growing pains, Mom is still the best to talk to.(Although I should mention that I have two incredible parents. It just happens that Mom lives closer. Dad’s better for long distraught phone calls). She’s been a nurse for nearly 35 years. She’s tough as nails, yet wise and experienced.

Adventurer for sure. Her spirit is absolutely contagious. We spent the afternoon napping and reading books on the couch. When it was time to leave, I asked her “do you have everything?” She laughed responding “I came without a bag and only myself and I’m leaving without a bag and only myself.” Sometimes, that’s all we need.



16 responses to “Fresh air does everyone good

  1. oh my gosh I wish my mom was like this! She is so worried about everything that not having a toothbrush would mean she might lose a tooth…she was more fun when she was younger

    • Thanks! I just saw that the half is actually Saturday not Sunday. Boo, because now I’m not sure I can make it and after this one there aren’t many left in the area until February or March.

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