Shoveling snow just to run

I knew this morning waking up, that it would look like this outside:

Yay for snow!

8 inches of fresh snow with a lovely layer of ice outside.

Bundled up and ready to go shovel!

But, I had goals. Including these puppies.

Meet my new Saucony Kinvara

I needed a new pair of running shoes and I really felt like it was time to try something lighter and a that would make me get rid of my awful heal strike. I like my Mizuno Nirvana’s, but I had heard great things about the Kinvara. I tried them on at a local running store a few weeks back and found a great deal online (I know, I should support the local running store and I will one day when I don’t have graduate income).

Anyway, I geared up at 5am and went out to shovel the walkway, the car, and scrape the car off.

By 6am I was out the door and on the way to the gym. I busted out a total of 5 miles (4 miles running at 6.5 with a 1% incline and 1 mile walking at a 10% incline). They say that when transitioning to a minimalist or heel drop shoe that you should do it gradually or it can wreak havoc on your calves. I made it to 3 miles, but felt so good that I went to 4. Then, the calf ache set it.

Here’s what I was dressed in under the lovely get up of the picture above.

I really love these shoes. I felt lighter, faster, yet I still had support. No swelling in my foot or ankle from the screw that sits there. I think I am really loving the 4mm drop in the heel. Of course I have only run in them once. But, so far-happy.

Now, if the snow would melt so that I could run outside.

Favorite shoe?

Any minimilist runner’s out there? Any tips?



6 responses to “Shoveling snow just to run

  1. I’m alternating the Kinvaras and the Brooks Pure Flows. So far I think I like the Pure Flows better. I broke them in very gradually thanks to my injury–it worked out really well that I wasn’t allowed to run very far for a while. Doing it this way, I had practically no calf soreness and ran my half-marathon in the Brooks last weekend without any out of the ordinary soreness at all. I really like them!

    • I’ve bought two pairs of Brooks Adrenaline’s before and both times they wore out fast for me so I was afraid to try something from their Pure project. You were the tipping point for me on trying the Kinvara’s though after I read your blog. Thanks!

  2. Kait, I can hardly believe the snow! Eight inches! In Chicago, we just hit 80. This weather is freaky.

    Good for you shoveling and keeping to your workout!

    • Another 6 of the fluffy stuff this morning which meant more shoveling. No running this a.m. Though I did bundle up and walk the dog. Trudging through snow is a workout too.

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