Review: Jackal K9 Mountain Bike

After months of searching for the elusive 29er, hardtail, carbon mountain bike, my friend introduced me to her new bike and in no time I had picked up the phone and called Jonathan. Jackal Cycling claims to have a “client driven philosophy” and it shows. From the moment I called him, he engaged with me in the best customer service I could ask for.

Without ever meeting, we exchanged emails and phone calls where he would ask for measurements from me physically or from the bike that I already have. In addition, I had a bike fit done and scanned him the results. All culminating in a dream bike specifically customized to my body, riding style, and performance level.

Coming across a boulder field in Medicine Bow National Forest.

I made a rookie mistake and decided to race the bike the day after it came in the mail.(I say rookie because theory has it that you should never go into a race with new accessories. I went into it with the biggest accessory of all. Luckily, with no regrets). I couldn’t help it. Once out of the box, it took a mere 20 minutes to assemble, and I knew once the rubber hit the dirt that I would have a hard time going back to my full suspension 26er. I was right.

Coming downhill and I can’t stop smiling during 40 in the Fort.

The sloped top tube allows for ample stand over clearance. With 29 inch wheels, I sit up much higher, however the center of balance does not feel any different from my 26 inch wheels. The X-9 build up weighs in at about 21.9 lbs. This makes it easier on to carry on hike-a-bike sections. It’s also nimble and responsive on the uphill and it’s steamroller like qualities crush anything in its way on the downhills. Although the bike is durable and rigid, the paint does scratch easily. However, this is strictly cosmetic and does not affect the function of the bike.

It is incredibly hard to find a bike of this all around quality. It encompasses high quality frame manufacturing, high-end customizable components, a company with such great customer service, and all at an incredibly affordable price.

When purchasing a Jackal, you gain a spot in their cycling family. The customer service of this boutique bike without the boutique cost extends far beyond the initial purchase.

A happy hike a biking girl right here!

My bike specifically is the 16″ X-9 buildup. Found on their website here. Although I do have a flat handlebar and an XO crank set.

**Disclaimer:All opinions are my own. Happy riding!


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